Gearing up the music

 industry for web 3.0


Our Mission is to build a simplified music ecosystem with lower barriers to entry for creators, listeners and businesses alike. Using blockchain technology we redesign the supply chain, monetize attention (today’s scarcity) and provide greater sovereignty to both, rights holders and listeners over their data.

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" We envision a world where anyone can easily access all of the world’s music while enabling its creators to thrive. "

A Digital Asset to Monetize
the Decentralized Attention Economy

Attention currency

The currency of the system is abundant and created by users by making transactions. 

No Transaction Fees

Delegated Proof-Of-Stake (DPOS) consensus algorithm ensures zero transaction fees.

Stake-able token

Stake XSDs to receive financial perks as well as the ability to influence the network. 

Fast and scalable

Built using
the Graphene

Simple User Experience

SOUNDAC uses human-readable usernames and memorable passwords to enhance user experience.

Open Platform

Community is encouraged to build apps and connect music services


CEO / Founder

Eddie Corral

President / Founder

Cédric Cobban

VP - Label / Publisher Relations

Bill Craig

Chief Technology Officer

John Fortner

Blockchain Engineer

Peter Conrad

For The Win Media - Publicist

Jamie Roberts

Marketing / Research

Charles Mazoch

Full-Stack Developer

Dominik Giroux

Full-Stack Developer

Raymon Johnstone

Full-Stack Designer

Bill Taylor

Full-Stack Designer

Patrick Larochelle

Community Management
and Support

Phalgun Shenoy

Front-End Developer

Nate Clement

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Where blockchain technology meets the music industry. Register your music on an open and transparent self-paying royalty system.

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