With the onset of the new bitcoin supercycle, everybody awaits for the next bull run to begin in the crypto space. As much as bull runs are required, bear markets are equally important to ensure only the projects with real use cases survive. While a lot of blockchain based music projects have shut doors, we are glad to have survived the crypto winter test. We’re happy that the SOUNDAC blockchain never stopped and the witnesses have continuously provided the infrastructure to ensure new blocks are produced every 3 seconds. We thank all the active witnesses for their contribution and they will be rewarded very soon for their belief and persistence. 

Historically, the graphene powered SOUNDAC (Muse) has been actively traded on bitshares. With openledger gone, we’re happy to announce that we are back on bitshares. We would like to reiterate that your investment in OPEN.XSD is safe and you can now swap the now defunct OPEN.XSD for our new bitshares asset, SOUNDAC.XSD. Every SOUNDAC.XSD is backed by 1:1 native XSD on the SOUNDAC blockchain. Users can withdraw SOUNDAC.XSD to their secure wallet.soundac.io wallet via a gateway that is maintained by deex.exchange. Below is how you can claim your OPEN.XSD:

Receiving platform KYC? Instruction Memo Result
Bitshares/deex.exchange No Send 1 BTS from your bitshares wallet having OPEN.XSD balance to bitshares wallet @soundac007 No memo required Equal amount of SOUNDAC.XSD will be sent to your bitshares wallet.
p2pb2b.io Yes Send 1 BTS from your bitshares wallet having OPEN.XSD balance to bitshares wallet @soundac007 p2pb2b depositmemo

(eg: p2pb2b 2ef8758eaf6da8)

Equal amount of XSD will be sent to your p2pb2b exchange wallet.
Wallet.soundac.io No Send 1 BTS from your bitshares wallet having OPEN.XSD balance to bitshares wallet @soundac007 Soundac  username

(eg: soundac testaccount)

Equal amount of XSD will be sent to your native wallet at  wallet.soundac.io.
ObolTRADE Yes Will be announced soon

Note: Requests are processed every Friday.

How to withdraw SOUNDAC.XSD to SOUNDAC.io wallet via deex.exchange?

Step 1: Go to www.deex.exchange and login using your bitshares wallet.

Step 2: Click on the Withdraw button from the “Wallet” drop-down in the header. 

Step 3: Choose SOUNDAC.XSD from the list. 

Step 4: Enter all the details and click on the WITHDRAW button. 


How to withdraw SOUNDAC.XSD via any bitshares interface?

You can withdraw SOUNDAC.XSD to your SOUNDAC wallet using the SEND functionality of your favorite bitshares interface. Below are the details:

To: deex-gateway-bridge

Amount: your desired amount

Memo: deex:your_soundac_wallet (eg: if your SOUNDAC.io wallet is @example, the memo would be deex:example)

How to deposit XSD to your bitshares/deex.exchange wallet?

Step 1: Go to Wallet.soundac.io and enter your credentials

Step 2: Click on the Wallet button on the left sidebar 

Step 3: Click on the Transfer button

Step 4: Enter the details:

Transfer to: soundac.xsd

Amount: Enter your desired amount of XSDs.

Memo: deex:receiving_wallet (eg: if your receiving bitshares wallet is @example, you’ll need to enter deex:example as the memo)

Step 5: After double-checking the entered details, please click on the submit button. You should see an equal amount of SOUNDAC.XSD credited to your bitshares wallet. 

Gateway support:

For any issues related to deposits and withdrawals, please contact deex.exchange at https://deexhelp.zendesk.com/hc/en-us

Active Trading Pairs/Exchanges:







  • Native wallet accessible through wallet.soundac.io or CLI is THE safest place to store your XSD cryptocurrency. You should never HODL on an exchange, and this holds true for any crypto asset.
  • If you’re a HODLer, please stake your XSDs in the wallet to receive 1.3% interest pa.

Thank you for your continued support. Stay tuned!

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